Dr. Jennifer Kaminski

Dr. Jennifer Kaminski is the director of the Mathematical Cognition Lab. She holds bachelor’s and master’s of science degrees in mathematics and a doctoral degree in mathematics education from the Ohio State University. She became an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Wright State University in August 2014, after spending seven years as a research scientist at the Ohio State University. Dr. Kaminski has taught mathematics at several universities and colleges, and she has also worked in the field of actuarial consulting.

Student Research Assistants

Nathaniel Charlesworth - Head Student Research Assistant

Nathaniel graduated in 2019 with a degree in mathematics and concentration in mathematics education.  He plans to teach high school mathematics beginning Fall 2020.

Nico Comendador

Nico is an honors student majoring in computer science. Along with computer programming, Nico is interested in understanding how best to teach students mathematics.

Faminaz Karazha

Faminaz is an undergraduate student majoring in mathematics. Faminaz is interested in understanding how students learn mathematics.

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Former Associates

Evans Smalley - Former Research Assistant

Evans graduated from Miami University in 2016 with a degree in psychology with a social psychology focus and minor in neuroscience. Evans began work on her master’s degree in September 2017 at King’s College London.

Tiffany Estep - Former Research Assistant

Tiffany graduated in 2017 from Berea College in Kentucky with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She is interested in both social and developmental psychology research.